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Feb 2016 - Pilot 首播

We began our audio with a pilot programme with guests Him Shun Yip and Alan Chan talking about the Chinese New Year festivities, and Chinese talent. Special thanks to Thomas Lai for the song "I'm a BBC", edited for the programme, and Andy Yung for his song 緣全. You can also send your songs to us to include in our programme.

Mar 2016 - Mother's Day 母親節

Guest actress and producer, Michelle Yim talks about Mother's Day and touch lightly on learning Cantonese.

Suggested listening: 世上只有媽媽好

Apr 2016 - Ching Ming 清明節

Guest Kam Wing Cheng talks about his Ching Ming experience. Read more about the Ching Ming festival on wikipedia.

May 2016 - May Special 五月特別節目

Special guest screenwriter and director from Hong Kong, Felix Chong (莊文強) talks about his UK visit and how he started his career. Read more about his films and his awards on the IMDB.

Jun 2016 - Cantonese & Creative Arts 廣東話及自創品

Michelle Yim talks to us about learning Cantonese, and Red Dragonfly Productions. We also have the debut song 'Dream On' from singer/songwriter Jaymie Cheung 張美儀 from Hong Kong, courtesy of Mark Lui 雷頌德.

Jul 2016 - HK Education & Idioms 香港教育及成語

Guest Berry Cheung joins us and reveals the story behind his move from Hong Kong to the UK, and is put under the spotlight when Dee quizzes him about idioms.

Suggested reading: Learn more about Chinese idioms with iChineseLearning.

Aug 2016 - Pipi Pierre & Mime Acting 默劇演藝

Have you ever tried mime acting and experienced how difficult this is? Guest Pipi Pierre talks about his career in mime acting. To find out more about mime acting, find Pipi Pierre on facebook.

Suggested listening: 葉佩雯 二人默劇

Sep 2016 - Keith Li and Kim To Sing4U 兩位唱歌天才

Guests Keith Li and Kim To talk about the community singing group Sing4U. Sing4U is Manchester based but they do travel to other locations to provide audio support and singing performances.

Watch the MV for 張美儀's 沙堆 on our video page.

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Oct 2016 - Student from Malaysia 來至馬來西亞的學生

Student Tomarz Kwan talks about his experience coming from Malaysia to study and work in the UK.

Suggested listening: 許冠傑 學生哥

Nov 2016 - Genesis Infinity 創意無限

Guests Alan Chan and Him Shun Ip talk about how Genesis Infinity came about and what services they offer. Find out more about Genesis Infinity.

Dec 2016 - Chinese Marketing with Yuwi Tang 中市市場推廣

Guest Yuwi Tang talks about her experience working for Westmill Foods which includes dealing with the major Chinese brand Amoy. She started working there immediately following graduation.

Suggested reading: Recipes from Amoy.

Have a Merry Christmas with 張學友's Merry Christmas I Love You.

201701a 華賢社 Hua Xian Chinese Society

Happy New Year! We hear about how Chinese need help in various shapes and forms, but what help is out there? Founder Sam Moi Chan MBE and her son Raymond talks about how the Wah Yin Society started and how they are helping the Chinese Community.

All the best wishes for 2017.
Suggested listening: 劉美君 - 新年願望

201701b 香港青少年網球代表團 Hong Kong Youth Tennis Delegation

Blackpool restaurateur Alan Choi and his Tennis Coach sister Rachel, together with the support of local businesswoman Angela Man bring together a delegation of youth tennis players from Hong Kong to play in the UK. Angela and two of the young tennis players Lily Lee and Ellie Tam share their experience. We also have 張美儀 Jaymie Cheung's new song 'Crazy 瘋人不癲'.

Watch the MV with lyrics for 張美儀's 瘋人不癲 on our video page.

201701c - 恭喜發財 Kung Hei Fat Choy

Happy Chinese New Year - does everyone know their Chinese idioms? We play a short idiom link game with Angela, Lily and Ellie from the Tennis Delegation. Lily and Ellie also tell us how they celebrate the Chinese New Year in Hong Kong.

祝大家雞年亨通! 財原廣進! 心想事成! 健康快樂!
Suggested listening: 粵語群星 賀年歌曲

201702a - 兩位靚女藝人 世界工廠 World Factory

兩位靚女藝人傾下佢哋的經驗, 父母感覺驕傲。
Two Chinese cast members from the World Factory production talk about how they got into theatre, filming and acting and how proud their parents are even though they were against the idea originally.


201702b - 傳統的婚禮 Weddings Part 1

傳統的婚禮喺點樣?聽吓 Raymond Ho 攝影師點講。
Wedding Photographer Raymond Ho talk to us with guest Michelle Yim, about what traditions we have at weddings.

Suggested listening: 周慧敏 - 出家的清晨

201703a - 傳統的婚禮續集 Weddings Part 2

攝影師 Raymond Ho 及嘉賓 Michelle Yim 繼續分享傳統婚禮儀式習俗。

Suggested listening: 張學友 - 你的名字,我的姓氏

201703b - 喜歡唱歌的李佩銘 Keith Li

嘉賓李佩銘同我哋分享生活及音樂喜好 Keith shares with us about his lifestyle and singing。

Watch the music video for Keith's cover version of Fulfilled - 李佩銘 「緣全」 音樂特輯

201704a - Pagoda Musicians 百祥塔藝術中心 音樂家

Zi Lan Liao from the Pagoda Arts in Liverpool, with son John Wardle talk about their interest in music. Her younger son 細仔Charlie plays Autumn Moon Over Lake (平湖秋月) on the Erhu (二胡).
We also captured Zilan (廖子嵐) playing on the Guzheng 古箏: Dance of Yi 彝族舞曲 and Before and After the Typhoon 戰颱風

201704b - Actress Amy Jim 女演員 詹羨欣

Local actress Amy is busy at home with her family, and also running the family restaurant. She also features in the music video for Fulfilled sung by Keith Li.

201705a - Genesis City 創城地產

創城地產創辦人 Alan 同啊Him分享地產經驗及建議。
Partners at Genesis City, Alan and Him, share their property experience and advice. For more information: Genesis City

201705b - Manchester Chinatown Business Association 曼城華埠街坊商會

曼城唐人街有甚麼事發生?問問Alan, 商會副會長及會員Him。
Alan Chan, Vice Chairman, and member Him Ip tell us what topics have been discussed within the Associaion and how these affect Manchester Chinatown.

201706a - Idioms Part 1 成語對話 第一節

Ray Ho and Michelle Yim have a fun chat using Idioms. See how many you have heard of before, and do you know what they mean.

201706b - Idioms Part 2 成語對話 第二節

We continue with Ray Ho and Michelle Yim having a fun chat using Idioms. Again, see how many you have heard of before, and do you know what they mean.

201707a - Teresa Cheng Part 1 鄭家寶 第一節

Hong Kong Canto-opera artiste Teresa Cheng shares her experience and life within the Canto-opera industry.

201707b - Teresa Cheng Part 2 鄭家寶 第二節

Hong Kong Canto-opera artiste Teresa Cheng continues to share her experiences and becoming student to famous opera singer Man Chin Shui.

201707c - Teresa Cheng Part 3 鄭家寶 第三節

Hong Kong Canto-opera artiste Teresa Cheng talks about the activities she gets up to as Honorary Chairperson of the Martial Arts Society.

201708a Helen He 地產業及餐館老闆

地產業的何女士亦係餐館老闆。 曼徹斯特,伯明翰和倫敦都有門市。
Travel agent entrepreneur, Helen He, opened the first (mainland) Chinese travel agency in Manchester, which now has branches in London, Birmingham and Manchester as well as in China. She is also a restaurateur with a chain of SzeChuan eateries in London, Birmingham and Manchester.

201708b Juanita Yau BBC 主持

BBC Radio Manchester, Eastern Horizon's producer and presenter Juanita Yau talks to us.

201709a Bubble Tea 珍珠奶茶 Part 1

Franchisee Nicholas Moo 巫先生 runs a Bubble Tea store in Manchester Chinatown and had help from Miss Wong and Mr Lee. Miss Wong is a food technician and Mr Lee is an engineer for the bulk manufacturing of cars.

201709b Bubble Tea 珍珠奶茶 Part 2

Franchisee Nicholas Moo 巫先生 runs a Bubble Tea store in Manchester Chinatown and had help from Miss Wong and Mr Lee. Miss Wong is a food technician and Mr Lee is an engineer for the bulk manufacturing of cars.

201710a May Liu 劉微小姐

May Liu, educated in counselling and social work, shares her experiencing of working in China, Hong Kong and England.

201710b Herman Yau Hong Kong Movie Director 邱禮濤 香港電影導演

我哋有幸跟邱禮濤 香港電影導演聊天。
We have the pleasure of talking to Hong Kong Movie Director Herman Yau.

201711a Ally He Trinity Education Part 1 三益教育何女士 第一節

What is Trinity Education and how it can help others.

201711b Ally He Part 2 三益教育何女士 第二節

How about Trinity Education's Ally He's personal life? What does she get up to?

201712a Professor Chen Chinese Dialects 陳曉錦教授 中國方言

How much do you know about Chinese dialects?

201712b HK Youth Tennis Exchange with Alan Choi 網球小組 第一節

HK Youth Tennis exchange members share their experiences and thoughts.

201712c HK Youth Tennis Exchange with Coach Rachel Choi 網球小組 第二節

HK Youth Tennis exchange members share their experiences and thoughts.

Featured music: Flashlight Oriental Cover 白駒過隙 Jass Yang (Bubble Dream Factory)

201801a 慧妍社 Wai Yin Society

Happy New Year! We hear from Juanita Yau who is the Chair to the Wai Yin Society in Manchester and how they are helping the Chinese Community.

201801b 製甜品 with Ben Peng

Ben Peng loves to cook and posts his food online for all to see. Let's hear what he has to say about making desserts.

201802a 藝術中國 with Susie Lu

The Arts of China is a dance company showcasing various forms of Chinese art to as wide an audience as possible.

201802b 恭喜發財 End of Season

We thank our listeners for their support. We will continue supporting local talent and a new chat show in the future.

Thank you for listening 多謝收聽

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Acknowledgements 鳴謝

Special thanks to Thomas Lai for the song "I'm a BBC", edited to use as the theme for the programme.

Thanks to Mark Lui 雷頌德 for kindly permitting us to use the songs under his own record label: Mark Lui & His Music Production Ltd (雷頌德音樂製作公司) with singles by Jaymie Cheung 張美儀.

Thanks also to Jass Yang 楊威宇 for kindly permitting us to use the songs produced under Bubble Dream Factory for the Miao Taiwan Project.

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